Summer napkins collection

Summer napkins collection
Summer, sunshine, napkin time! You know it: The guests are enjoying themselves and in the best holiday mood, maybe have their children with them... and a glass is knocked over or the ice cream is dripping. Thankfully, you have set your tables with tablecloths and napkins from Duni!
You do not have to think about taking care of the laundry and still have fresh, clean napkins and placemats ready for every guest at any time. With colourful printed napkins, runners, sets and tablecloths as well as matching candles, the Duni summer programme offers you a lot of inspiration, so that with great tables and delicious food, you can show your guests: “Welcome! We are there for you!” Your guests will know to appreciate that.

Depending on what you would like, you can use consistent decoration inside as well as outside, so that everything appears to be from a single moulding, or design various spaces for experiences and pleasure with various colours, patterns and styles. Even if it is rainy, inside, there is always good weather!
Largest range of compostable products
You do not have to make any sacrifices in quality. For more than 50 years, Duni has been a proven and reliable partner for hoteliers, restauranteurs and retail. That is because of the constantly high product quality in all of its product ranges.


High-quality table linens are part of a special culinary experience in the summer as well. It is not a problem with the premium quality, similar to fabric, and it will also win over your most demanding guests. The product selection in qualities similar to fabric is especially wide-ranging and offers you solid colours as well as prints.

Of course, the Duni products – tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins – are not just beautiful, but also practical. They protect tables, dishes and cutlery and soften noises effectively.

In addition, through the elimination of laundry, you don’t just save time, money and energy. Because the Duni Collection has the largest compostable range of solid colours worldwide, thought has also been given to the environment. That is also true for the range of candles, where now, a number of candles bear the Nordic Ecolabel.


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